Thursday, 29 November 2007

Should I seek help?

Yesterday, I awoke with the following thought in what passes for my head:

"And now, Linton Kwesi Johnson will read his celebrated poem 'Mama weer orl kwesi now'."

Today, I woke up thinking:

"Next week, the Guardian's Palestinian film festival will continue with a screening of 'Rabbi-Proof Fence'."

This may or may not be linked to the following factors:

1) I've had to start work at 7am every day this week.
2) Mrs Byard is not far off spawning our second changeling, and thoughtfully rouses me at 2am most nights with a plaintive cry of "IVEGOTCRAMPIVEGOTCRAMPAAAAAAAARGH!" and demanding massages with Singapore's most pungent unguents.
3) Compulsive punning may be linked to brain damage. I'm now doing it in my sleep.

1 comment:

No Good Boyo said...

At moments like this I like to comfort myself by singing "Onamo 'namo", Montenegro's precocious Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1875:

There, over there... I see Prizren!

Trampled by horses' hooves cries out Jug:

I'll dull my sabre's edge on
The ribs of the Turks.

Cheery sentiments, and generous of spirit.