Monday, 21 January 2008

The Gyppster does poetry

Allow me to share with both of you a small poetic oeuvre (is that the plural of oeuf? Who knows...) of mine own, which is - alas - in danger of becoming outdated in the near future.

When a man receives some Dubya gaffes in letters through the post,
He dismisses them as junk mail with a single glance at most;
But when posted on a website he'll peruse them without fail -
For the e-mail of the speeches is more deadly than the mail.

I apologise to you all. Don't know what came over me. I'll just take my service revolver and step outside now, shall I?

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No Good Boyo said...

Indeed, my kerchiefed friend, it would be worth the while of major media corporations to assess what proportion of their email traffic is made up of smirking gimps' forwarding ancient bits of Dubyayana to fellow-smirkers and others who giveth yet not a shit but appear to the smirkers to be smirkabile as the Italians might say, if only because they've been seen to use The Independent for anything other than rear hygiene maintenance.

Said corporations couldn't do much about it, but it would give them a rough idea of how many smug gits work for them.

I addressed a similar question in this post, and my solution remains useless: