Monday, 17 June 2013

The ingratitude of youth

Djangolina is struggling with her English homework, and making unhappy noises.
"Daddy, can you help?"
"Depends. What's the problem?"
"We're studying Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott', and have to write a stanza in that form. I can't do it."
"Well, let's have a look..."
We analyze the form a bit. After cogitating for a while, I come up with the following:

He ready put his sharpest knife
For dinner - ordered by his wife - 
By cooking would avoid he strife 
In many-towered Camelot
Once gnocchi pot was on the boil
And sea-bass fillets wrapped in foil
He chopped, and fried in olive oil
The ladle of shallots.

"Er, thanks, but I think I'd better do my own. Properly."


Hairy Biker 81 said...

I like this - long but fun:

xerxes said...

Your problem is that you're trying to versify in a vacuum. A context makes it so much easier, viz.

"A geometrically minded young maid

Complained that she'd never been laid.

She was also annoyed

That her toy ellipsoid

Increasingly curved as she played."